Handout - Hebophiles


This handout is used as a supplement in training and workshops and is not meant to be a complete document in and of itself. To those who have not attended our training and/or workshops this handout will appear incomplete, vague, and confusing.




A Hebophile is defined as an adult who has a strong sexual, emotional and spiritual attraction and/or preference for adolescents, (post-pubescent children) but are NOT attracted to pre-pubescent children.


The term Hebophilia doesnít appear in DSM-IV.


Has a strong attraction to adolescents, but not for pre-pubescent children.


The age of attraction varies between 11-17 years old.


At this age the child starts to make the change from being a child into being young men and/or young women.


The media often confuses hebophilic with pedophilic attraction bases, and simply incorrectly uses the term 'pedophile' to refer to ALL adults who find people under the age of 18 attractive.


General Characteristics


Given what we think we know, and donít know about hebophiles, the following are some of the common characteristics.


NOTE:  It is important to understand that these characteristics in and of themself do not categorically conclude that the person is a hebophile.


However, if these indicators are present along with a certain pattern of behaviour, then there may be enough information to believe that the person maybe a hebophile.


Late adolescence is the time when the hebophile qualities emerge.


Hebophiles will often sexually abuse dozens of children over time.


The hebophile does not usually marry, or have had failed marriages, due to their sexual interests in children, but may remain in the marriage to mask their true intentions.


At times, the wife knows about her husband's sexual preference for, but prefers to keep quiet to avoid social stigma and disgrace.


The hebophile may show a greater then normal fascination or atypical interest in post-pubescent children.


The hebophile may make references to children that seem inappropriate.


The hebophile tends to believe that their attraction to adolescents is natural and lose sight of the way they behave in public. As a result they may involuntarily divulge things about themselves when they engage in discussion or in their behaviour.


The hebophile may be involved in hobbies, interests or hang out in areas that are common to that of the post-pubescent child.


The hebophiles home or room may have a post-pubescent childís theme to it. This may reflect the age bracket of his preferred victim.


Hebophiles commonly have methodical and prolonged access to post-pubescent children.


The hebophile has to find a way to legitimize their contact with post-pubescent children.


Jobs such as school teachers, youth activity leaders, camp counsellors, life guards, and sports coaching serve to meet their needs.


Hebophiles find ways to get close to post-pubescent children, such as having parties, offering rides home, supplying them with drugs and alcohol.


Hebophiles are very clever/able at locating troubled or withdrawn post-pubescent children, who ultimately become their primary targets.


The most common technique used by hebophiles to obtain sex from post-pubescent children is to befriend them, offer them a place to hang out, invite them to parties, bootleg and supply drugs.


The hebophile will often buy things for the post-pubescent children; take them to the arcade, mall, restaurants and other places of interest.


If the post-pubescent child is troubled, the hebophile will often comfort and support them. The post-pubescent child will eventually develop feelings for the hebophile, despite the fact they are being sexually abused.


Hebophiles are very good in the manipulation of post-pubescent children. However, when the victim gets older (into adulthood), the fond feelings they had for the hebophile usually leave, often resulting in the victim being left with the effects of the abuse.


Hebophilia involves reoccurring sexual arousal, a sexual predisposition for post-pubescent children, and desires or fantasies involving sexual impulses toward a post-pubescent children.


The hebophile has either acted on their sexual impulses, or the fantasies and/or sexual arousal and impulses are consistent.


The sexual activity engaged in by the hebophile varies from admiring the post-pubescent child, to exposing themselves, to engaging in masturbation, to caressing and fondling.


Other sexual activities, (usually involving varying degrees of force), include performing oral stimulation, or penetrating the mouth, vagina or anus with fingers, foreign objects, or penis.


Hebophiles frequently rationalize and make excuses for their behavior.


Often, the hebophile is courteous, friendly and respectful to the post-pubescent child for the purpose of gaining their trust.


Hebophiles themselves appear to be stuck in their own adolescences.


They usually have limited relations with adult peers, and relate better with post-pubescent children.


Men are identified more as hebophiles then women are. Their primary interest is in boys (although girls are a target as well).


Most sex offenders who abuse minors are not hebophiles.


Most hebophiles never end up in the criminal justice system.