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Vindication has a great Preakness Day! 
He is the broodmare sire of Exaggerator [Winner of the Preakness] and Dazzling Gem, a fast closing 3rd in the Sir Barton Stakes on Preakness Day at Pimlico.
Here is a link to the story of how Vindication came to be.

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2016 Epsom Derby Possibles and the GSV Pedigrees
Epson Derby

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GSV scores are now updated to incorporate the statistical changes of 2014.  Professional program is available for purchase. 

I'm convinced that 90% or more of trainers play the game fairly.  However, I also believe that those that don't play fair take down most of the prize money in the biggest races.  Money corrupts and why take a chance in this highly funded thoroughbred operation that is stacked in favor of the cheaters.  The testing in our sport is skewed to not catch cheaters to protect our reputation with the public and press.

Video Link of St. Jovite winning the Irish Derby-G1

GSV Scores of Individual Graded/Group Winners 2012

The Matchmaker can help you over the many hurdles put in your way in this tough, tough game.  He is a former World Champion hurdler and a pedigree analyst for over 40 years helping to produce champion thoroughbreds, including two Eclipse winners and a Horse of the Year in Europe.

George William Smith
The Matchmaker is George William Smith

The 2016 GSV Professional Program also allows you to generate your own GSV scores for horses not in the databank by inputing a 5 generation pedigree of sires.  This program will keep you on the cutting edge in a tough, tough business, while also giving you the GRASP scores that produced the GSV scores?  It  will generate instant GSV scores for over 124,000 horses racing today and many from the past and GSV scores for hypothetical foals to aid breeders in selecting stallions and owners in claiming horses for their stable.  It will also generate a GSV score for any thoroughbred not already in the datebank if it cannot be instantly generated.  Handicappers can also use the program to input the horses in a particular race to see which has the highest GSV (Genetic Strength Value) and best chance to win the race via its pedigree. 

Kentucky Derby Winners & GSV's

Why do we like simulcasts?  For the action!  Single track betting = 2 races every hour with 2-4 minutes of racing and 56 minutes of filler.  Anonymous client: "Now I know why I can't play only my home track like the good old days.  They bore me to death.

I did a GSV handicapping study of every race at Aqueduct from November 1st through February 2nd. I have been making money at Aqueduct throughout that period of time.  Of course, I have losing days and there are many of my bets that I could outrun even at age 70.  On the whole, the GSV is proving to be very reliable.  Here are the facts:

1.  There were 551 races ran at Aqueduct during that time.  The rest of the facts below are based on at least 8 runners/race.

2.   There were only 313 races that had 8 or more horses that raced [43% had less than 8!!].

3.   Favorites won 33% of the races with 8 or more horses [103 favorites won].

4.  Favorites finished second in 23% of their races with [73].

5.   Favorites finished third in 17% of their races [54].

6.  Favorites finished fourth in 7.7% of their races [24].  This fact supports that it does not make sense to use a favorite in the 4th spot of a superfecta.

7.      The highest GSV horse in a field won 43 races [13.7%].  They were second in 34 races [11%] and third in 36 races [11.8%].  The highest GSV finished in the money 34.4%.

8.  The 2nd highest GSV horse won 40 races [12.8%].  They finished 2nd in 36 races [11.5%] and third in 29 races [9.2%].  The second highest GSV finished in the money 33.5%

9. The 3rd highest GSV won 26 races [8%].  They finished 2nd in 25 races and finished 3rd in 35 races.  The 3rd highest GSV finished in the money 27.4%, which means they are a useful bet only in the third position.

10.  The 4th highest GSV won 18 races [5.8%].  They finished 2nd in 32 races, and 3rd in 29 races.  They finished in the money only 25% of the time.  They are not useful to be in any position unless you know they are a better horse than the rest of the field, which means its GSV score is not indicative of its racing ability.

11.  Only 12 of the highest GSV horses [of 43] were also favorites, which means that when they win they can pay big prices.

12.  15 of the second highest GSV horses [of 40] were also favorites, which means that they are less of a value on a straight win bet.

13.  12 of 54 third highest GSV and 8 of 24 of the fourth highest GSV were favorites, which means they are far more likely to be winners only if they are also favored and little value.

Keen Ice, the highest GSV horse in the field at 72.96 takes the Travers Stakes-G1 in a great race.  Keen Ice also had the highest DamGSV score at 77.03.  High GSV scores are very important in Classic races, though they do not always win by any means.  The winner can pay a big price like in this race. American Pharoah 2nd in a game finish after being softened up by Frosted (3rd highest GSV score).

What a weekend!!!  Goldstryke Glory's full brother, Flyboy Flynt, dazzles in MSW win at Woodbine [Led wire to wire at 24/1]  Video here

2016 Dubai World Cup Free GSV Racing Card