Guy Simmonds was considered to be a young and brilliant Canadian commander of World War Two.  He was involved in Italy commanding the 1st Canadian Division and then in North West  Europe taking charge of the 2nd Canadian Corps.

Major General Simmond's troops had the Germans on the run into the "low-lands".  Instinctually, he press for advancement and not to allow the enemy to re-group. It is also evident that in order to use Antwerp as a port the allies must control the Scheldt Esturary.
Unfortunately, the higher command(namely Montgomery) had plans for a more glorious venture that is operation "Market Garden".   Simmonds was ordered to hault operations while resources are redirected to Montgomery's plans.
During the period of operation "Market Garden", the Germans were able to re-group and fortifiy their defences in the Scheldt and therefore ensuring that the upcoming battle ,after the dreadful failure of Market Garden ,would be extremely costly for the Canadian forces.

Simmonds was in charge of the 1st Canadian Army during the fight for the Scheldt.  Many young Canadians lost their lives during this operation.  With all the Canadian effort and sacrifice no Canadians were invited to join the ceremonies for the liberation of Antwerp.