The History and the Musicians of
The Robin Trower Band

 Welcome to my web page on the music of Robin Trower............
 I have been a fan of Robin Trowers since the first time I heard "Day Of The Eagle" over  25 years ago. As a guitarist for most of my life he is also one of the biggest  influences  in my own playing .  My guitar playing has always been a very personal thing for me and listening to Robin's music has always inspired me to continue working at it.
  Also, as a guitarist, it has always amazed me at how many fellow guitarists I meet who don't know his work.
  I can't even begin to describe or catagorize his style, his sound... many people at the beginning of Robin's career labelled him a Hendrix clone.  People who say this have not listened to either one in my opinion.  Robin Trower is unique in both his playing skills and his writing skills.   Into his forth decade as a solo act,  Robin's playing, and his songs,  have touched many people, and the impact that his music has had on so many over such a long span of time, is one of the reasons I started this web site and how it has continued to grow.
  This site is also about the other musicians who have played such an important part in presenting Robin's music to us all. I have been very fortunate to get to know Davey Pattison and Bill Lordan and to do  interviews with them.  As well, I have had the opportunity to interview Dave Bronze, Richard Watts , Alvino Bennett and even the great James Dewar.
  I had never experienced Robin playing live until finally, after 25 years, I was fortunate enough to finally meet and see Robin perform live at two shows in California. I went as a guest with Bill Lordan. It was an amazing experience that you can read about through the Steve's Big Adventure link on the Features Page.
  What will you find inside?   A bit of history...... some pictures, a few stories, some amazing memoribillia I have collected, interviews with some great musicians, news, numerous magazine articles from the past, show reviews,
record reviews, tour pictures, lyrics, links and more.
 Anyway, I have a few interesting pages that ,as a Trower fan, you may find of interest. Please read what others have to say in my guestbook.  You will find a lot of interesting people have stopped by.  Please sign my guestbook if you browse through and let me know what you think of my pages. I really enjoy reading  your comments and any stories you care to share with me and the people who visit my site.
  I would sincerly like to thank the all the people who have helped contribute to the growth of this site by your  many contributions.

 I hope you enjoy
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