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 Yellow Ladyslippers

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(Cypripedium Calceolus v. Pubescens)

After 15 years of experience at propagating them through root division and naturalized seeding Cypripedium Pubescens is, in our opinion, the hardiest member of the Cypripedium family and we recommend them for any home garden. With a minimum amount of care your single plant should grow to 20-40 cm (10-15 inches) topped with a beautiful and fragrant yellow Ladyslipper surrounded by yellow petals which may contain some mauve or rusty colored spots. Left undisturbed your Ladyslipper should multiply into a sizable bunch in a few years.  We have had  Pubescens which over a number of years have grown into bunches containing fifty or more plants. The Royal Botanical Gardens site ( www.rbg.ca/orchids) provides a listing of the types of Orchids that may be found in Canada and is well worth a look.

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