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June 2000 -# 1

June 2003 -# 1

January 2005 -# 1

December 2002 -#2

#1- 1453 or G14- 1973, #2- LT8E or G8- 1980, #4- 12bb01 - 1949

#3 is a 1253 or G12 and is in pieces at the moment

April 2005

What started out as a site for G Series Bolens Compact Tractors, has started to grow. It started as the G series because that was my first!

I inherited what I thought was just a big garden tractor over four years ago (June 2000).
Let's say its kinda changed my life.

Since then, I have been in touch with folks around North America and the UK. I have also traveled 800 kilometers (500 miles) to get parts for my machine. Used parts are almost nonexistent here on the west coast of Canada. EBAY is the best place to search for used parts. At times, adds can be found in the classifieds. Most of the time, it's other Bolens folks also looking for used stuff. What I am trying to do with this site, is offer a little knowledge to the Bolens newbie, without having to scour the world.

Cheers, Rick. Shawnigan Lake, BC

To the folks from East Sooke that purchased the Bolens G14 with front end loader, rototiller and snow blade from the woman on the West side of Shawnigan Lake during the summer of 2004, I am interesting in talking to you. Please give me a call! 250-743-6704

Enjoy your new garden "tool". These tractors are at home equally for the backyard or grounds of your palatial country estate. The information contained here is mainly for the G series, tube frame model. Remember, these things are known in the bizz as "Compact Tractors". Your tractor's self esteem will be higher if you keep telling it that it's not just a riding lawn mower.


This site is main geared at the G14 or 1453 Medium Tube Frame tractor.

I have a Bolens, but am not sure what model it is? Visit Sonny's Farm & Home Supply website for info~

Resources (this site)-

Please note! May 12, 05. PDF files are offline as I try and find space. I had to move the site to this location.

Caution - The information in this web site is just that. I am not responsible for what you do to your machine in any process by using the information contained here. If you are not sure of what you are doing, take your machine to the local out door power products store. They will be happy to take your money.

When working on any machinery of these age, bolts will be rusty and seized. Be careful removing anything the first time. Use lots of PB Blaster, Move-it or even diesel and let things sit overnight before starting on the project.

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