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Robert Ferrari
Dr. Robert Ferrari obtained his degree of Doctor of Medicine (with Honors in Reseearch) from the University of Alberta (1990), and completed his fellowship in Internal Medicine at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta) and Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) in 1994. He holds a Master of Science degree in Experimental Medicine from the University of Alberta (2010). He also holds a Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Internal Medicine, Fellowship of the American College of Physicians, and Membership on the Specialist Register of the Royal College of Physicians of London in the specialty of General Medicine.

He has been in clinical practice for 15 years, working as part of a team, along side primary care practitioners, as a specialist in those clinics. He also has 15 years experience working as a consultant to a variety of groups including medical, legal, and governmental organizations. He has provided medicolegal services to government, the insurance and legal industry, and has served on the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol Regulation Clinical working group of the Government of Alberta. In addition, he is a Certified Examiner and Injury Management Consultant under the Minor Injury Regulation of the Government of Alberta. Much of the aforementioned work involved extensive stakeholder management and collaboration, including media.

He has extensive experience and skill in writing and communication, having published a number of textbooks, chapters within texts, and more than 150 scientific publications. He has published most on topics such as whiplash, and other chronic pain syndromes, and is author of Rheumatology Guidebook and The Whiplash Encyclopedia. He has presented internationally on a variety of clinical, scientific, public health, and medicolegal topics. His main scientific contributions have been towards the development of the biopsychosocial model of chronic pain, and evidence-based treatment of chronic pain.

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