...Not as clumsy or as random as a semi, but an elegant weapon for a more civilized age...


This is a small group of paintball players who own pump markers or who are interested in owning pump markers. Who get togethor a couple times a month to play pump only games.

The Thunder Bay Pump Club is proudly going into it's third year. Our membership has topped out around 30 members with about 10-12 really core active members. We're small but we're strong. We've been pretty sucessful running 2 events a month. Last year our largest single turn out was 16 members for our mini pump scenario. This year the club is running a trip to Chicago for the Living Legends 3 big game. Anyone is welcome to join us. Check out our facebook page for planning information. FACEBOOK

If you're looking for a pump gun let Maier Hardware know so that they know that there is interest in pumps, maybe we can pressure them into bringing some stuff in for us. Maier is now a CCM dealer! Take advantage of this make sure that you tell them that you're a pump club member if you go into the store

If you're looking for a good store in Canada to buy pump gear check out Dave at Pinnacle Paintball Supply. Mention our club when you talk to him.

We play at Paintball Encounters in Thunder Bay, Ontario


JANUARY 31, 2010 - Winter Pump Day! BE THERE! Contact a member if you're looking to borrow someones pump.