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This pattern is intended as a learning tool, it's fairly easy so it's good for the one time plushie maker or someone who is just getting into the hobby and needs a starting point.
This tutorial and all of it's contents are (c)BabyLondonStar

This pattern is intended for non fraying fabrics, and has a small seam allowence of 5mm. If you are using a fabric that will fray, cut the peices a litte bigger.

Lets begin! Making the head
To make the head you will need to cut pieces 1 and 2 with your skin color, and one regular and reverse of 3 and 4 in the color of the hair.

Line up piece 2 and 3 like in the picture below, right sides together and sew along the blue line

Repeat on the other side.

When you open it up it should look like this.

Line up the point at the bottom of face piece 1, with the point of piece 2 right sides together and pin. Follow the curve of Face piece 1 with piece 3 and pin, stop when you come to the mark point at the top of the head. Repeat with other side and sew.

It should be looking like this.(below)

Fold it in half from top to bottom, pin the open part like in the picture below, and sew from the point on face piece 1, where indicated by the blue line.

Place pieces 4 right sides together (using the marker to line them up) pin them in place and sew down the side from A to B

Fold and sew each dart (changing the shape of the dart can make the head rounder or flatter)

Line up the seam where pieces 3 meet and the seam where peices 4 meet. Pin together right sides facing each other. Line the curves up to match and pin as you go alnong the edge, untill you reach just past where part two is joined to part 3.

Repeat on the other side. Sew along the curve starting at the top of the head from A to B and then A to C, leaving the bottom open.

Turn right side out and stuff.

Keep going! Making the Body
For the next step you will need piece 5, one regular and one reverse of peice 6, piece 7, one regular ans one reverse of piece 8, and one regular and one reverse of piece 9.

Line up piece 5 and 6 with the right sides together and pin in place. Sew from A, around the arm and hand and down to B.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Line up piece 7 with the "leg" part of part 5 and pin the edges together around the curve, contine pining when you reach part 6. It should meet at the little point at the back of piece 7.

Repeat on the other side, the two sides should meet at the back on the marker point.

Sew down the side where the two pieces meet. Then turn right side out.

Fold piece 9 so that the sides of the dart meet up, and sew.

Line up the seam with the top center(wider end) of piece 8 and pin. work your way around piece 8 lining up the edge of piece9 as you go and pin. Sew all the way around the edge of piece 9. Turn the foot right side out.

Line up the leg where it has the little marker triangle with the marker on piece 9, making sure the right sides are together and pin. Line up the curve and the bottom of the leg, pin them in place, it might take a bit of stretching, but you should be able to make them fit together.

It should look something like this. Repeat with the other foot.

With the plush inside out, pin the legs closed sarting from the sides of the feet and working up to help keep it balanced. Sew from the bottom of the foot, up one leg and down the other until you reach the bottom of the other foot. Time to turn right side out.

To make this a sitting and standing plush, some of it will have to be stuffed lightly so the limbs can move freely, but the core must be suffed full enough to support the head. Below is a diagram to show where to stuff.

Now to position and sew the head. I like to use two threads doubled over to make it secure. I start in the middle of the neck and work my way around to the center of the back of the head, then start at the center again and sew a quarter of the way around, and add some extra stuffing to the neck area if I find that it is too wobbly before closing it off in the back.
Use "hidden stitch", you can find diagrams of hidden stitch on goolge.

Now you should have a plush that can sit or stand, ready to be made into any character you like :)

*Thanks to Skei for helping get this tutorial back up.
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