Poppies are for a culture of peace
This Year Wear a White Poppy...
  • to commemorate all victims of war
  • to mourn the environmental devastation
    it causes
  • to reject war as a tool for social change
  • to call for dialog and peaceful conflict resolution
  • to show your commitment to building a
    better future
...Because Remembering is Important, But it Isn't Enough

We can provide White Peace Poppies in Canada.

Do take a look at our Buy or Make Poppies page on depots around Vancouver and how to make your own

In 2016 we are once again subsidizing poppies for schools, with a special program for BC elementary schools with help from BCTF's "Ed May" Social Justice Grant. Teachers also helped us assemble classroom materials

More about white poppies in schools ...

Sep 21: The U.N. International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world every year on September 21 (Wednesday in 2016). Check out InternationalDayOfPeace.org/get-involved/ to find or organize an event in your area.

In 2014

Nov 10: The Toronto Observer: Red or White poppies? Some call the white poppy offensive, but it isn't intended that way

Nov 9: Two TV interviews: CBC News Vancouver, and Téléjournal Radio Canada Vancouver

White poppies on CBC Radio 1 the180 November 2, 2014
Nov 2: CBC Radio: Veteran Malcolm French speaks about why he will wear both white and red poppies alongside his medals The180 website, with audio stream (3 minutes).
27 Students of Darren Jones from Southridge school in Surrey BC recorded brief thoughtful responses to Malcolm French .

In 2013

In 2012

press conference November 2, 2012
On Friday November 2 at 10:30am we held a campaign launch and press conference at Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery. Veterans Woodrow Coward and David Laskey spoke about the importance of remembering all victims of war. We unveiled a pair of wreaths with white and red poppies to illustrate the relative count of civilians and military victims in modern wars, and also talked about the environmental impact of war.

See Nov.11 2012 video of Bill Geimer " Pre-Dawn Commemoration of Military and Civilian Deaths" in Victoria on Pasifik.ca (4m30s on YouTube), alongside many videos of important social justice events.

Read Nov.01 2012 article about White Poppies in Vancouver in Courier OnLine

Read Nov.09 2012 article about White Poppies in Canada in vancouver.24hrs.ca by Kendall Walters. Published in many community papers across Canada.

Listen to Heather Menzies about White Poppies Nov.09 2012 interview by Jim Brown , starting with historian Tim Cook from CBC The Current website (on-line stream, 27m).


We started wearing handmade white poppies several years ago.  For us, wearing both red and white poppies is a way of saying "Remember the fallen, including civilians, and work for peace".  We have had many meaningful conversations with strangers that started with "What's the white poppy for?".

    In 1934 the first campaign to distribute white poppies for peace was launched.  79 years later, the world has seen over 300 wars, and the killing of more than 200 million people.  Let's work to make peace their memorial.

More about why wear a white poppy ...

Website: www.members.shaw.ca/peacepoppies
Email: <peacepoppies@shaw.ca>

We have purchased white poppies from the Peace Pledge Union for distribution around Vancouver.  If you want to help please contact us by email.