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The best, easiest and effective way to control the Varroa Mites.

Heilyser Technology has been manufacturing and distributing vaporizers since 2001.  Our company offers two different types of vaporizers: JB 200 high-speed  Vaporizer and JB 700 12 volt blower.

Vaporizers coming with an measurable for the crystals and safety instructions - how to start- oxalic acid application.

Please note: Oxalic Acid is approved for use in Canada,  the USA and Europe

  JB 200 high-speed Electric Vaporizer -  "pat."   

We improved the performance of the JB200 vaporizer-
With this high-speed vaporizer the evaporation of oxalic acid starts in approx 15 seconds.

        Compared to other Vaporizers:

You don't have to wait 2.5 minutes to evaporate the acid;
because of the high-speed evaporation, you treat 3-4 times more colonies with one battery load.
because of the high-speed evaporation there is less heat in the hive, it is not possible to overheat or burn the hive.


This vaporizer is the fastest vaporizer available and was developed for beekeepers who care for a large number of hives.
The JB 200 high-speed is powered by a 12-Volt car battery. With this system, it is possible to connect several vaporizers " in line " to treat more than one colony at the time.  Click here to see how to connect several JB200 Electric Vaporizers “in line”.
The vaporizer is best suited to wooden beehives, and not recommended for use in Styrofoam hives. An entrance clearance of 1/2 inch or 12 mm is required.  

 With this high-speed vaporizer the evaporation of oxalic acid starts in approx 15 seconds, but depends on the power of each individual battery, therefore; we recommend that you perform an initial test outside the hive, to establish the evaporation time for your particular battery. 
The JB 200 high-speed comes with heat protection for the acid tray to prevent scorching. Seal the hive for at least 10 minutes after application using a foam strip.
The treatment with JB200 high-speed Electric Vaporizer can be applied 12 months of the year as long as the temperature are 3-5 degrees above freezing point.

JB200 high-speed - Electric Vaporizer = The Best Varroa Treatment!

Vaporizer JB200

$ 105.00 per unit, free shipping in North America, please ask for the order form.

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  The New JB 700 12 Volt - Oxalic Acid Blower  

The newly developed, thermostat-controlled oxalic acid vaporizer, designed to control the Varroa Mite, holds enough oxalic acid crystals in one filling to treat between 4 and 6 colonies. This self-contained unit does not require an air-compressor or additional heat source, such as a heat gun or torch.

The acid blower can fill a 2-story (¾ depth or ”Dadant”) hive with acid fumes in 10 to 15 seconds. Since heat to evaporate the acid crystals is generated outside of the hive, the vaporizer can be used with both wooden and Styrofoam hives. The hive entrance must have a minimum clearance of 3/8inch (8 mm). The entrance does not need to be closed after treatment.

The JB 700 can be powered by a 12 volt car battery or by a generator with 12 volt output. 

The vaporizer is supplied with instructions, a measuring spoon and a 7ft connecting wire to the power source.

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700 Blower

US$ 365.00 per unit plus shipping, please ask for the order form.


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