Winnipeg Casting Directors

Here is a list of a few of the casting companies in Winnipeg, Mb. Canada that you can mail your photo resume to if your interested in trying to get into some of the local film productions. The companies listed do not charge a fee to submit to them:

Next Casting ( Lori Stefaniuk, Extras & Casting Director)
P.O.Box 69010, 110-2025 Corydon Ave.
Wpg, Mb., R3P 2G9
Phone Number: 284-6820
Next Casting Website
their forms are available in pdf

Kari Casting ( Kari Rieger, Extras Casting)
P.O.Box 68043, RPO Osbourne Village
Wpg, Mb., R3L 2V9
Phone Number: 287-8839

Kari Casting Website

Jim Heber Casting ( Jim Heber, Casting Director)
P.O.Box 1907
Wpg, Mb., R3C 3R2
Phone Number:253-4977

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Original Talent Casting (Kathy Driscoll, Casting Director)
P.O.Box 68012, Osbourne Village Post Office
Wpg, Mb., R3L 2V9
Phone Number: 477-0120

*For Jim Heber and Kathy Driscoll, ensure you have a professional head shot and resume.*