Superfly and his Lady-Friend
1983 - the girlfriend of WWF superstar Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
died from a blow to the head in a motel room in Allentown, PA.
The official ruling was accidental death,
but rumours still circulate as to the "true" cause.

Ken Patera and Mr. Saito
During an April 6, 1984, late-night visit to a Waukesha, Wis., McDonald's, after being refused service, Ken Patera and Mr. Saito threw a boulder through the window of the closed restaurant. A brawl ensued between the wrestlers and the local police at a nearby Holiday Inn. On June 6, both men were convicted on multiple counts of battery to a peace officer and criminal damage, and sentenced to two years in prison.

Sworn Enemies Busted Together
On May 26, 1987, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik were pulled over by the New Jersey State Police. Duggan was charged with possession of marijuana and drinking alcohol while driving. Sheik was charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine. Duggan received a conditional discharge and Sheik received one-year probation. To "add insult to injury", since this was before the Professional Wrestling industry admitted that the shows were staged, the arrest of these two "enemies" together garnished a lot of publicity.

Rita Chatterton
WWF's first female referee alleged that she was raped by Vince McMahon in the back seat of his limousine.
Chauffeur Jim Stuart corroborated Chatterton's account and filed a lawsuit of his own, alleging that, during his WWF employment, he had been forced into witnessing the commission of crimes.
The cases were either dismissed for lack of evidence or settled out of court.

Pat Patterson and the Brooklyn Brawler
Steve "Brooklyn Brawler" Lombardi is reportedly
Pat Patterson's boyfriend.
It is rumoured that Lombardi was favoured because
Patterson is co-booker for the events, scripts the finishes of matches and outlines the shows

1992 WWF Sex Scandal
March, 1992 - Ring announcer Mel Phillips was fired, and Pat Patterson and Terry Garvin both resign from their office positions in the WWF following allegations of sexual misconduct. Barry "Barry O" Orton, two former ring attendants and a former office worker were alleging sexual harassment and abuse.
Tom Cole was one of the ring attendants. He was 15 years old at the time. Click here to read an interview with him where he talks about the situation. Tom has alleged the following (from the article "In bed with the WWF: Sex and scandal in pro-wrestling" by Irvin Muchnick):
Pat Patterson
Patterson would look at you when he was talking to you.
He'd look right at your crotch
and he'd lick his lips.
He'd put his hand on your ass and squeeze your ass and stuff like that.

Mel Phillips
He used to have a thing where he played with your feet.
He would wrestle you for five seconds, then he'd pull your shoes off and start playing with your toes.
When I was a young kid, I wasn't thinking too much about it.
Now I look at it like, 'Wow, that was a foot fetish. There's something wrong here.'

Terry Garvin
He secured Cole a steady job at the WWF parts warehouse and promised him a tryout as a ring announcer.
Garvin subsequently maneuvered Cole to his house, near the WWF's Stamford, CT, base, on an evening when Garvin's wife and two kids were away.
Garvin popped a porn tape into the VCR and offered to fellate Cole, who declined and spent the night in a van parked outside. Shortly thereafter, Cole was fired.
Barry Orton was a young wrestler at the time (around 19 years old). He, as well as the other 2 individuals, made similar allegations against each individual.

Sid Vicious Vs. Arn Anderson
Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson engaged in battle in the wee hours of October 28, 1993, at the Moat House Hotel in Blackburn, England. A pair of scissors became involved in the action, and both men were rushed to a local hospital. Anderson had 20 stab wounds, while Vicious suffered four puncture wounds. Vicious, on the verge of a WCW title push, was dismissed from WCW and did not appear on television for well over a year before he re-emerged in the WWF.

Hitman's Marraige
Brett "Hitman" Hart was divorced
from his wife of 14 years, Julie Hart,
amidst rumours that he was having an affair
with wrestling valet Tammy "Sunny" Sytch.

Vince McMahon "Screws" Bret Hart
On November 9, 1997, Bret "Hitman" Hart, who was scheduled to leave the WWF for WCW, defended his WWF world heavyweight title against Shawn Michaels. Vince and Bret agreed that the finish of the bout was to be a "shmauzle" and Bret would get disqualified (and not lose his title). HBK put Bret in Bret's trademark move, the sharpshooter. Referee Earl Hebner called for the bell and gave Michaels the victory, even though Bret did not tap out. An angry Hart spit on Vince McMahon at ringside and later punched him square in the face.

1999 - Rena Mero, the former women's champion,
filed a $120 million lawsuit against the WWF claiming she was verbally assaulted and threatened by WWF personnel
who had also tried to coerce her into baring her breasts on a pay-per-view show
and coerce her into participating in a lesbian "angle."
The parties settled out of court.

Get the F Out
2002 - due in a large part to legal proceedings by the World Wildlife Fund,
the World Wrestling Federation, the WWF, changed its name to
World Wrestling Entertainment, the WWE.
The "F" was removed from the company's logo, and the slogan "Get the F Out" was used as part of a marketing campaign.

Stone Cold Walks Out
June 10, 2002 - unhappy with the story lines
and the direction his character and the company in general were heading,
Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out on the WWE.
Without WWE approval and without notice, he did not show up for work (RAW TV Show).
Instead, he flew home and had no contact with the WWE for nearly one year. He has since returned.

Nicole Bass vs. the WWE
2002 - Nicole Bass filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the WWE,
claiming that she was "relentlessly harassed" during her five months in WWE.
She also claims that agent Steve "the Brooklyn Brawler" Lombardi
sexually harassed her during a flight to England
by grabbing her breasts and "grinding his groin" against her.
The case was dismissed from New York federal court.


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