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Want to get an indication of your learning style?

Complete this quiz either by printing it and circling the responses which best describe you, or by recording your answers on a separate piece of paper.

Scoring instructions are at the end of the quiz.

1. When learning something new, you

(a) like to have the aid of diagrams, posters, or a demonstration.
(b) like to have verbal instructions.
(c) just go for it and try it out!

2. When you are reading, do you

(a) visualize in your mind the descriptive passages?
(b) enjoy the characters' dialogue?
(c) sometimes read action stories, but would prefer not to read?

3. When you are spelling, do you

(a) try to "see" the word?
(b) sound the word out before or as you spell it?
(c) write the word down to find out if it looks or "feels" right?

4. When concentrating on something, you

(a) are distracted by movement and untidiness around you.
(b) are distracted by noises in the area you're working in.
(c) have difficulty sitting still for even short periods of time.

5. When problem solving, you

(a) write the problem down or draw diagrams to visualize it.
(b) talk to someone (or yourself) about it.
(c) try and use concrete objects to find a solution.

6. If you are putting something together, you

(a) follow the instructions and look at the pictures.
(b) wish there was a video or tape explaining what to do.
(c) ignore the instructions and figure it out as you go!

7. When trying to recall names, do you remember

(a) the person's face but not their name?
(b) the person's name but not their face?
(c) clearly the situation in which you met them?

8. When giving directions to someone, you

(a) visualize the route first or draw a map.
(b) give clear, concise instructions.
(c) move your body and gesture as you give them.

9. If you need help with a particular computer application, would you

(a) look for pictures or diagrams to explain the solution?
(b) ask someone for help or call a help desk?
(c) persevere and try to figure it out yourself?

10. You can remember a list of items best if you

(a) write them down.
(b) recite the list to yourself.
(c) use your fingers to count the items off.


Add the total number of responses for each letter (a, b, c) and record each total

a _________	b _________	c _________ 

Many people may have more than one learning style so you may find you have some responses in each category. The category with the greater number of responses may be your main learning style.

If the majority of your responses were for
, you are a visual learner.

If the majority of your responses were for
, you are a auditory learner.

If the majority of your responses were for
, you are a kinesthetic or tactile learner.

Information for this quiz came from the following sites
Learning Style Inventory and Learning Styles.

If you would like to find out more about learning styles or would like to try a more comprehensive learning style inventory, check out the learning styles web sites listed under links.

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