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Mt. Assiniboine
Provincial Park

This classic Rocky Mountain can play a little hard to get. The nearest trailhead is at Mt. Shark in Kananaskis and it's a bit over 15 miles just to Lake Magog, the designated campground is a couple miles farther in.  
There is a steeper but somewhat more scenic route via Wonder Pass.  It is best done as the return leg of with an ascent of Assiniboine Pass completing the loop.  A third option is to hike in from the Sunshine Meadows Ski Resort.
Totals: 34 miles return, 1575 gain, 50ft loss via Assiniboine Pass, 755ft gain, 2050ft loss via Wonder Pass.  Sunshine Meadows to Lake Magog, 18 miles one way, 1475ft gain 1400ft loss.  A one way through hike is 35 miles with 1580ft of gain. 
Right: A perfect morning at Lake Magog 

Near the lake there is a both a lodge and the primitive Naiset Cabins. The price of the cabins is only a few dollars more than the backcountry camping fees and they have a much better  location.  To service these backcountry luxuries the park permits a helicopter to land three days a week.  Hikers have the choice of both taking the helicopter or having their gear flown in, both at a reasonable price. 

"At 9:00 am there wasn't a cloud in the sky and hopes were high, by 11:30 am as we boarded the chopper the mountains had become completely socked in.  Incredibly, despite the fact we had moved the date back twice to get a good forecast, and checked and rechecked the weather, it was all in vain."
Left: Typical weather at Lake Magog 

"We then decided to try to stick it out a little longer and rented a cabin for the second night.  This brought us two miles closer to the trailhead and also gave the gear some time to dry out.  The cabins cost only 10 bucks more than camping and since it was off-season we had an 8-person cabin to ourselves.  This paid off right away as the sky cleared a little that afternoon however it also meant that the final 15 miles to the trailhead would need to be hiked in a single day.  We flew much of our gear out to lessen the load and we made it back without incident.  Wonder Pass was nice but cloudy; the rest of the trail was as dull as stale toast"

Beyond Lake Magog are a number of small lakes to enjoy and when the skies clear make sure to climb to the top of Nub Peak for the best views.
7.2 miles return, 1896ft gain from Lake Magog
Right: Sunburst Lake from Nub Peak
If you have only a single day to explore then Sunshine Meadows is a worthwhile destination.  As a winter resort it has 3358 skiable acres and a vertical drop of 3574ft.  During hiking season the resort runs a bus shuttle up to the ski village which provides access to a number of good hikes, particularly in late September when the larches have turned golden.
There are countless combinations that can be explored but the ideal hike should include Rock Isle Lake, the loop around Larix Lake, Grizzly Lake and the Standish Lookout.
6 miles return with 590ft gain
Left: Rock Isle Lake

"On our return to Sunshine Meadows we were treated to blue skies, views of Mt. Assiniboine and larches galore. We kept to the Garden Path an easy trail that winds through Rock Isle, Larix and Grizzly Lakes.  It's pretty spectacular scenery and pretty easy to attain thanks to a shuttle bus service run by the ski resort." 

The first leg of the trail to Lake Magog can also be hiked as far as Citadel Pass in a single day.
11.5 return, 1125ft gain, 600ft loss
Right: Rock Isle Lake and Larix Lake from the Standish Viewpoint. 

One other option is hiking to Healy Pass, either as a out and back hike from the Ski Village or a one way hiking starting at the ski village and ending at the lower parking lot.

Healy Pass via the ski village: 5.6 miles one way, 1180ft gain
Healy Pass via the lower parking area: 5.7 miles with a 2150ft gain
Out and back via the Ski village: 11.4 miles return, 1180ft gain
One way from the Ski Village to Healy Pass and down to the lower parking area: 11.5 miles, 1180ft gain, 2150ft loss

"Although ominous clouds passed overhead all day, it only flurried occasionally. Small parts in the cloud cover provided sensational bursts of light that swept over the landscape in waves".
Left: Stormy skies over Healy Pass

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Mt. Assiniboine
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Right: Mt. Assiniboine from Lake Magog

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