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A book's success depends on the quality of its index. Every author wants his or her book to be widely used and cited, but this will happen only if readers can easily find specific information in the book's pages. Indexes by True North help books achieve their full potential by pointing readers straight to the information they need.

Special capabilities

True North Indexing Services specializes in indexing a wide range of scientific topics related to environmental and management sciences, including

  • Conservation ecology and resource management
  • Population biology
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Psychology of risk management and decision making
  • Statistics and experimental design

Indexer Judith Anderson has research experience in these areas, and having published in scientific journals and books, she is familiar with academic publications and multi-authored volumes. She understands the needs of index users in these fields, the evolving terminology and concepts they use, and the kinds of queries they are likely to bring to an index.

True North Indexing promises:

  • Indexes delivered on time, written to publisher's specifications.
  • Indexes written to accommodate a variety of readers and their particular queries.
  • Production using SKY Index Professional software.

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  • Résumé Judith Anderson's background and training.
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