Dr. J. Glenn Friesen

Herman Dooyeweerd:
De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee

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De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee Volume I
Prism of Cosmic Time
Law and Subject

De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee Volume II
The Gegenstand
Dis-stasis/ Synthesis
Intuition and Time
Conceptual Limits
Horizon and Levels
God, Self and Cosmos

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Notes regarding WdW I, 39

1. Not in NC. the NC inserts a long section on time (NC I, 25-70) that is not in the WdW. It incorporates some parts from the WdW, but in a different order. some of this is in NC I, 70-71.

2. Ground-Ideas are the foundation of philosophic thought. Postmodern philosophy tries to avoid all foundations. but the Ground-Idea does not seek its foundation within temporal reality. It points to the religious dimension. a Ground-Idea is an Idea, and not a concept. Ground Ideas answer the questions of Origin, totality, and coherence of meaning as to law-side and subject-side. Postmodern philosophy would probably say it was not interested in these questions. But that does not mean that postmodernism has not its own unacknowledged answers to these questions.

3. The whole/part relationship is a biological concept. It is therefore based on a partial truth, and does not account for a true supratemporal coherence. In objecting to such a part/whole idea, Dooyeweerd's philosophy disagrees with contemporary holistic thinking, or the ideas of Ken Wilber, of the increasing complexity of holons.

4. Ideas only approximate the totality of meaning. They are limiting concepts that point above and beyond themselves.