The Sucia State Park

Small Boat Rendezvous!!

will be held from July 11 to 14, 2014

at Sucia Island in Washington's

San Juan Islands


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Montague Harbour Small Boat Rendezvous too!

To see some of the boats and read one man's account of 2009, go to Michael Bogoger's blog at and do a search on "Sucia", or just roam the site until you find it - there's a ton of good stuff in there!



Sucia, the gem of the San Juans, is at the north end of the islands and is easily accessible from both the US and Canada. This year we will gather on the weekend of Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 13, with most of us travelling to and from the island on Friday and Monday.  All the information you need about the weekend will appear on this website between now and July, but you can also follow the discussions about it through the Sucia group at Yahoo as people plan convoys and exchange ideas.

Note that this trip involves crossing large bodies of water, tides and weather can make conditions difficult.  Only those having suitable and adequately prepared boats, and having the necessary expertise, should attend.  This is an informal gathering and no support is provided - each individual is responsible for deciding to attend and for their own safety.

Two years ago we departed from tradition by planning ahead for a wine and cheese night.  That has been so successful, it's now a part of the weekend, but overall the things continue to be pretty much unstructured.  We'll sail when and where we like, and make our own fun.

We keep trying to hold a Sucia Challenge, a round-the-island race, 2011 was our best attempt yet, but the wind died before we got half way so it still remains to be done.

People often extend the rendezvous with an impromtu cruise.  This is not part of the event but you may want to take advantage of the opportunity to cruise in company. Last year some of us explored the Canadian gulf islands, entering Canada at Bedwell Harbour or Sidney.  (Roche Harbor is handy for re-entry to the US.)  Since these trips are arranged around the campfire, often the night before, passports may be desirable.

Use the buttons at the left to look around the website.  If you have questions, my name's Jamie Orr and I can be reached at or phone (250) 478-5338, or you can go to the Yahoo group mentioned above.