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Yield and Cost of Edible Product


Objective 4

When you complete this objective you will be able to calculate the yield and cost of an Edible Product.

FormulaYield% = (EP / AP) x 100%

example #1

A striploin weighs 5.2 kg AP and after trimming weights 4.6 kg (EP). Calculate the Yield percentage.

example #2

The striploin in example #1 costs $11.95 / kg to purchase. What is the cost per kilogram of the trimmed striploin?

There are 2 methods to find this answer:

a) Using the figures for the striploin we have

b) We don't want to do a test every time the price changes. Since we know the yield percentage is 88.5%, we can use this.

example #3

We want to serve 85 people steak sandwiches weighing 170 grams each. How much striploin do we need?

a) Calculate the total amount of trimmed striploin (EP weight) required:

b) the EP weight will be 88.5% of the AP weight (using our yield percentage)


Trade Calculations
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