E-Zee Cord  

                Firewood ForcesorFirewood Processor

                                                                                  Firewood Processors


                                                            Dry Birch Firewood 

                                         $725.00  Pick Up Truck Load ...Delivery Available... Plus Taxes

                                                    Cut From 8 Foot Length Cordwood And Split


                                                                  Manitoba  Canada

                                                                                            firewood processorfirewood processor


                                                                     Cuts and splits into stove, fireplace or boiler wood lengths whole tree logs

                                       4x4x8 foot rack of 8  foot whole tree log lengths in about 20 minutes with 20 hp. Honda Engine and hydraulic joystick

                                          Cuts up 8 foot lengths of whole tree branches in about the same time as 12 inch diameter whole tree logs 

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                                                                                            $ 26,950.99 Canadian

                                          A firewood Processor Built to last you a lifetime !