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Welcome! ECI provides corporate security management and information loss prevention services to the oil, brokerage and legal communities, with a strong focus on tight-hole security and de-bugging services. Here's our Website Map if you're in a hurry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information about the services shown here, or any other specific needs you may have.

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Oil and Gas Information and Tight Hole Security

Companies drilling tight holes have unique requirements for voice, data, and physical security, to ensure that information remains confidential until the conclusion of a land purchase or other business decisions based on drilling and financial results. We provide a complete package of services focused on preventing corporate espionage and competitive intelligence attacks. These include on-site security services, countermeasures / de-bugging, and hardware recommendations, all designed to defeat surveillance.

We strongly recommend that you have all your suppliers and contractors sign a confidentiality agreement. We will ensure that they are signed, and understood, by those on the ground at the wellsite. Agreements are useless if not enforced. A comprehensive security operation will ensure that your information security needs, and due diligence requirements are met, both at your Head Office and in the field.

Please review our Tight Hole Security Proposal, then call us from a secure phone, at your convenience, to discuss this or your other corporate security needs.

We continue to provide no charge general briefings on information security, especially when related to 'tight hole' activities. If you are holding a pre-spud meeting in Calgary with your field personnel, contractors, and suppliers, please consider inviting us. We would be pleased to attend and give a short presentation on proven methods designed to defeat typical scouting activities. If you are unable to meet with us in person, here are a few tips to get you started.

Loss prevention consulting is another key element in ensuring that information, equipment, and production losses are reduced at your Head Office, district offices, battery sites, etc. This is only a small portion of the package of security related services available to corporations.

Much of what we offer has application to the Brokerage, Legal, and Banking communities due to their involvement in financing, new issues, mergers and acquisitions. The large amount of money involved in these transactions increases the possibility of corporate espionage.

Here's a timely article on page.gifInformation Security. For a more expansive rendition, here's an excellent one page PDF by our well-known US associate, Kevin Murray, entitled page.gifVulnerabilities.

For a different view, click on this logo to see how serious Canada's Communications Security Establishment is about Infosec. We have communications methods and procedures that no one can decrypt. If you are concerned about your corporation's communications, please do not hesitate to call.

Finally, here are some Oil & Gas Web sites you may find interesting;

bullet_r.gif Canadian Wellsite, a Calgary site with lots of relevant information for the industry.
bullet_r.gif Rigzone, Online Oil and Gas Directory.

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Electronic Countermeasures

We are a provider of countermeasures services, sometimes known as sweeps, de-bugging, or TSCM (Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures). Our clients are primarily corporations in the oil, brokerage and legal communities of Western Canada and the North-Western United States, however we welcome all corporate enquiries.

Here's some information to assist you in determining if your concerns are valid. A Client Checklist is available. Please review it as necessary, then call us at your convenience to discuss your requirements. If you believe your communications have been compromised, please ensure that you call us from another telephone to avoid alerting anyone targeting your conversations.

This is only one of the services we provide in support of your firm's due diligence efforts with respect to security. Countermeasures inspections and loss prevention surveys are key elements in achieving this goal. If your competitors are obtaining your confidential business information, by any means, you are at a disadvantage.

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Best regards,

W. J. (Bill) Fischer
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