The Grenade Recognition Manual
Grenade Data Sheet

Designation-  Grenade, Hand, Anti personnel, L109A1 Country of Origin-  Britain
Type- Fragmentation Years or Era-  2001-
Weight  465 gm
Diameter  65 mm
Length- Total  95 mm
Length- Body  
Fuze Designation   DM82 CH
Fuze Type  Percussion, Delay
Fuze Delay  3-4 sec.
Filling Type  RDX/TNT 55/45
Filling Weight 155 gm 
Body Material  Steel
Effective Radius   20 metres unprotected, 5 metres body armour and Kevlar helmet

Manufacturer-  Swiss Ammunition Enterprise Corp. Markings-  Grenade is painted deep bronze green with a yellow band around the top and  markings in yellow.  Markings are "GREN HAND HE L109A1" a manufacturers marking "SM" and lot number.
Notes- Swiss HG85 adopted by Britain as the L109A1 replacing the L2A2.  The British model has minor changes from original HG85.  The design allows grenade fragments to penetrate the latest combat body armour which includes 20 layers of kevlar and 1.6 mm of titanium.    When the body bursts it will produce approximately 1800 fragments weighing about .01 gr. each.  Fuze will function in  a temperature range of -35 to +50 degrees C.