Ed Dietrich violin makerEd Dietrich Violin Maker
I have been making violins for 33 years and have been playing the instrument actively for many years. I know a lot about the instrument and I really like it. I believe that playing it and writing for the instrument are qualities that a person needs to improve your violin making skills.

The violin forms that I make vary from Stradivari, Amati, Grancino, Guarneri, to Craig (High Classed Violins) of Aberdeen Scotland.

I grew up in four musical cultures. My father played old time fiddle and brothers played country guitar, jazz clarinet, and I studied classical violin, so I learned from all of them. My understanding of playing or writing music is well rounded.

I am a member of SCAVM Southern California Association of Violin Makers.

I was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta and played with the Lethbridge Symphony, Edmonton Symphony and Opera Co. I've also played extensively in fiddle groups and jazz violin.

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