Ed Dietrich violin makerEd Dietrich Violin Maker
Since I was ten years old I found it difficult to acquire a good violin. To get a good playing one at a reasonable cost was even harder to achieve. Altogether this led me to making my own instruments. These violins are all hand made and each one was personally intended for me to play.

My specialty is violins only and they are very professional in appearance. The weights and graduations of each instrument are very well checked.

Every one of the violins made are different from another and this is what makes it a very challenging and noble craft.

The necks are especially good. Having played violin all of my life I feel that I know what a player needs for comfort and playing ease. The sounds vary from subtle to open sounding instruments.

You can purchase a Dietrich violin ranging $3,000 CDN to $8,000 CDN.

Each one has its own special sound and playing ease and there is a wide selection on hand.

I have a gallery of fine instruments ready for sale other than what is shown on website. Please look these over and contact me regarding selection and pricing..

Ed Dietrich violin maker Ed Dietrich violin maker
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