Computim FurcBack 4

System Requirements:

.Net Framework 2.0 or Newer
Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
Internet Explorer 5.5+ (For IFTW*)
Internet Connection (56k or Greater)

*Install From The Web


FurcBack is a small utility for testing the status of Furcadia's Game Server Ports. It tests all current ports and if they're not accepting connections it will retest every 5 seconds and notify you when they are back online. The program doesn't actually connect on a character so you don't need to worry about password security. The project was started over two years ago during a period before Furcadia moved to the stable server it is on currently. Over time more features have been added, checking for all the ports was added, and eventually the program was converted to .Net with asyncronous sockets for a huge performance increase along with a brand new installer system and much more.

FurcBack was designed by Daiktana and is available in both x86 and x64(Beta) versions. If you're using the x64 version and have problems let me know and I'll try to muddle through fixing it.

FurcBack 4.1 FurcBack 4.1 running in Windows Vista


*4.1 - Web Installer System Added, Performance Tweaks, Version Number now visible in program, New Vista Compatible Icon (256x256 Compressed PNG).

*4.0B - Redid the interface to make it a lot sleeker looking. Fixed the taskbar notification along with some cross thread communication issues.

*4.01 - Recoded to remove dependencies on Interoperability DLLs. Now runs straight off .NET - Result: Smaller size, single file again, should remove previous winsock errors. Now runs asyncronously for better performance.

* 4.0 - Redone in .Net for hopeful Vista Compatibility

* 3.51 - Abuse Fix adds a 5 second barrier to retesting manually. - Download 3.51 if you don't have .Net Framework (and don't want it) (Not Compatible with Vista)
Note: If you get an error about a missing MSWINSCK.OCX file download this file and put it in your FurcBack! or windows\system32\ folder: MSWINSCK.OCX

* 3.5 - New Client Update for the server move. Manages all 6 ports and will notify you when they're down now instead of just showing the Connecting constantly. Allows some preference changes but, to keep it to the single file, the changes are only for while you're running it.