HZT 4U Syllogism Answers
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Syllogisms Exercise 1 - Answers

  1. You are not a doctor. (No doctors are you)

  2. No old rabbits are black rabbits. (No black rabbits are old rabbits)

  3. Some hardboiled are not uncrackable OR Some hardboiled are crackable.

  4. Some rich things are nice.

  5. N/C

  6. Some tests need to be avoided.

  7. N/C

  8. N/C

  9. N/C

  10. Some who should be exorcised are not Sadam Hussein.

  11. Bill Clinton should be honest.

  12. Some who go faster, higher, and stronger should never cheat.

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Syllogisms Exercise 2 – Answers

  1. N/C

  2. All diaper-wearers are not intolerant.

  3. N/C

  4. A stitch in time should be welcome.

  5. Some teachers are not old birds.

  6. Some dangerous things are not made of paper.

  7. N/C

  8. Some hungry things are not sushi eaters.

  9. Some bad reekers are expensive. (Some expensive things reek badly)

  10. N/C

  11. Some juicy things are not purple.

  12. Some shiny halos are not in hell.

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Syllogisms Exercise 3 – Answers

  1. Some reckless are on the edge.

  2. N/C

  3. Myriam Bedard is sometimes disappointed.

  4. Some skating costumes are not Olympic flags.

  5. N/C

  6. Some who shout "where's the beef" should not wear tutus. (good advice..)

  7. Some stuffed sausages don’t fit into their tight suits.

  8. N/C

  9. Some free style skiers fall head over heels. 

  10. N/C

  11. Olympic ticket prices should not be supported.

  12. Some who were removed from Nagano are an embarrassment.

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Syllogisms Exercise 4 – Answers

  1. N/C

  2. Some forests are filled with Freudian imagery. 

  3. Some healthful snacks are coveted by big bad wolves.

  4. N/C

  5. Some Cinderellas are marginalized as unpaid workers

  6. N/C

  7. Some who chemically alter apples are not the fairest of them all.

  8. Some frogs do not smell badly.

  9. Some English are not beanstalk choppers.

  10. Some Pied Pipers are not easy to resist.

  11. Some bothered by peas are not Jolly Green Giants.

  12. No tortoises are hares.  (No hares are tortoises)

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35 Practice Syllogisms – Answers

1. Skate boarders have messy clothes.
    Some who do not have messy clothes are untalented. (Some UT do not have MC)
    Therefore, some untalented people are not skateboarders.

The second premise indicates that there are no stars in MC, because if it is some not MC, then there can't be stars in there...
The next part states are untalented.  There ARE stars in that one.
It is possible to reword a particular negative provided the "not" stays with its term at all times.  (e.g.) some A is not B can be restated as some that is not B is A

2. Some who are picked on are sensitive people. (remember to flip Only A is B to All B is A)
3. Some lazy men are not working men.
4. Some birds are not helicopters.
5. Some juicy things are not purple.
6. Some fit are courageous.
7. N/C
8. Some grapes should be vinegar -- not good for winemaking is the B term (which disappears).
9. Some birds are not singers.
10. Some evenings are not waves.
11. N/C
12. N/C
13. Some plums are not pumas.
14. Some amorous are not on time.
15. Some duffers are old ladies. (None but = only --> flip the A and B terms)
16. N/C (unfortunately)
17. N/C
18. N/C
19. N/C
20. Some devious swimmers are not striped and polka-dotted.
21. N/C
22. All detergents should be banned. (not environmentally friendly is the common term)
23. N/C
24. Some expensive things are not fattening.
25. Some that does not stick to your boots sticks in your throat.
26. Some major car repairs are not engine burn-outs.
27. N/C
28. N/C
29. All drunk drivers should be jailed.
30. Some too loud should provide earplugs.
31. His solutions should be scrapped. (change 2nd premise to All his solutions have not worked)
32. N/C
33. All talking heads are not in straits.
34. N/C
35. Some bananas should be left to ripen.

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Extra Practice (Exercise 5) – Answers

1. Computers are not secretaries. (< > )
2. Some F-word users are not nuns.
3. N/C
4. No smoking on the rail.
5. N/C
6. Some good are not at fault. (Some who are not at fault are good)
7. All (things known as) flagships lead the way.
8. Love is not always profane.  * this works whether you treat "always profane" as a term or "not always profane" as a term.  I guess it must be true...
9. N/C
10. Some who go fast are not puck hungry.
11. Some Santas are not Satans.
12. Some who get old prosper. (< > )
13. Some boring things are not drawing Venn diagrams.
14. Some tigers are not cool.


Multiple Premise Syllogisms (Sorites) - Answers

1. All my poultry are not officers.  (< >)

2. Guinea pigs never really appreciate Beethoven

3. Only red-haired boys learn Greek (in this school).

4. No pawnbroker is dishonest.

5. All the animals in the yard gnaw bones.

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