Olga Park - 

20th Century Mystic


This web site is dedicated to the spiritual writings of Olga Park, a contemporary Christian mystic and visionary who lived most of her life in Vancouver, Canada.

Though she considered herself just an ordinary housewife, Mrs. Park's spiritual life was anything but ordinary. Born in 1891 and raised in England, she moved to Canada at age 19, and was a devout Anglican for many years.  She began having visions and mystical experiences, completely unsought, in her early adult years.  For a long time she simply recorded and put them away for safe-keeping.  In her later years she self-published some of her spiritual records and distributed them to a small circle of friends and acquaintances.  She passed away in 1985 at the age of 94.

Perhaps Mrs. Park's most significant legacy for us today is the communion service which she received over several years.  She practiced the communion in her own home sanctuary for decades, and believed it was effective in establishing a spiritual 'hook up' with the living Jesus, whom she called the Master.  The service is reproduced here, along with instructions that she wrote in 1968 to explain the importance of a private home sanctuary, and the symbols and rituals associated with the communion practice. 

An offshoot of this practice is the ability to discriminate between the inauthentic voices of our culture and the authentic “silent Voice” that brings unity and active peace, “the peace that surpasses understanding.”  Her life and witness also provide assurance that consciousness survives death and that the purposes of God within humanity are unstoppable, despite the self-destructive tendencies of the human species.

As a contemporary Christian mystic, Mrs. Park’s significance is not in the mere fact of her visions and other extraordinary experiences, but in her certainty that all have the potential to build the kingdom of heaven upon earth through mystical communion.  She reminds us that Heaven is “an open door.” As the poet William Blake puts it, “Would to God that all the Lord’s people were prophets.”  Mrs. Park’s life is a testimony to how mystical communion can take place precisely where we are in the circumstances of our most mundane lives.  Though she traveled far into other worlds and realms, her focus remains on the present, the earth, the human condition.  Her life brings hope that through consistent spiritual practice anyone with a desiring heart might stand in the threshold between the past and the future, between this world and the next, between time and eternity.

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