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FLASH!!!  Not too much happening in regard to CBX's for me personally.

I do have FOR SALE a very nice seat with attached tail piece in 1981 colours to fit an 81 or 82 CBX. Send me an email if you are interested. Price is $300 + shipping if required.

If you are located in Alberta, Canada and have a desire to own a CBX let me know via email. I'll do what I can to assist you in finding one.

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I loved riding my Honda CBX motorcycles. Here's a photo of a "1979 Honda CBX", the bike that started it all.

79 CBX

A short history of the "Honda CBX Motorcycle".

A good article featuring the "MotoMartin CBX".


CBX World

"CBX World" an online community for the Honda CBX motorcycle enthusiast.


The International CBX Owners Association (ICOA), is a world-wide club for owners and admirers of the Honda CBX motorcycle. Membership information is available here as well as other interesting topics.


CBX Mailing List...

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"CBX Racing - Tyrannosaurus X Racing Team" has an interesting page dedicated to their entry in the AFM Super Dinosaur class. AFM's Super Dinosaur racing is for Superbikes from 1985 and earlier.

"West Coast CBX" is a webpage also dedicated to the CBX motorcycle and operated by Pete Ahrens (ICOA member #1459) of San Mateo, California. It contains many priceless old Gran Prix photos and letters written by the father of the CBX, Soichiro Iramajiri.

Dave Hartner's Motorcycle Page features 'CYCLE' magazine's indepth article about the development history and initial consumer road test on the 1979 model CBX, which was printed in their February 1978 edition.


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