British Columbia and Yukon

Phone NTS Traffic Net

Net Purpose:

In 2007 it was determined that the British Columbia & Yukon Section was without a RAC recognized NTS net on SSB. In an effort to rectify this situation, a new SSB net commenced operation on January 14, 2008.

This SSB net liasies with the BCEN and RN7 nets and provides opportunites for interested amateurs to learn about NTS net operation and the passage of formal radio traffic.

In addition, this net compliments the long-running RAC approved BCEN (CW traffic net which meets nightly on 3,652 kHz).

RN7 meets daily on 3,925 kHz at 0945 and 1515 local Pacific time.

NTS Net Preamble and Role Call

The NTS Handbook (latest version April 5, 2008) contains training information for net participants including:
Definitions, Prowords, ARRL Numbered Radiograms, Standard Phonetics, and example Radiograms

Public Service Honour Role Criteria

More About the Net

Who: This net is open to all appropriately licensed radio amateurs.

When: Nightly at 0230 UTC)

The net time may be altered by the net manager to accomodate variations in propagation. Such changes will be posted on the home page.

Where: 3,716 kHz

Net Manager: Allan, VE7WJ

For additional information on NTS traffic please visit the Formal Traffic Tool Links section of this site.