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Harold Teer wrote:


Back in 1997, Justin Jensen, posted to the list that he had data files for
the Westfalia font and would be happy to share them with anyone on the list.
He sent me the files and in his email message, he said:

"You can download the files and take them to your local Instant-Sign shop
and have them transferred into new WESTFALIA stickers for you van. The
original WESTFALIA stickers are on 3M "Xcotchcal" vinyl substrate which is
the best product. The artwork as formatted in the attachment prints to the
exact size of the original artwork. Your graphics people can manipulate the
format to give you a sticker any size. The files are in three common IBM
compatible graphics arts formats: .AI, .EPS, and .PLT and your local sign
shop should be able to read at least one, if not all formats."

I took the files to a local sign shop, and had every color choice in the
world of Vinyl to choose from. I wanted the original black color but could
have selected a reflective had I wanted. The shop quickly made me the
WESTFALIA sticker for a very reasonable price. I applied it to the van,
and it has held up great! I read the recent posts about the type of font
used, and all I can say is that this looks like the original one to me.

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