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Completed So Far

Children's Waterpark Lacrosse Box Skateboard Park
  Open Activity Area  
Native Plant Demonstration Garden Washroom / Concession / Operations Building Linear Walking / Jogging Trail ()

Coming Attractions

  Bricked Plaza  
Tennis / Multipurpose Courts   Linear Walking / Jogging Trail ()

Completed So Far

Children's Waterpark:

Designed with 3 zones for the primary users.

    Zone 1: The toddler area is positioned within the water park area so that parents are able to easier supervise their smaller children. The toddler area is separated from the main area by a row of smaller play figures.

    Zone 2: This is the central portion of the water park for entertaining younger children. A great dragon at the center with all sorts of interactive hoses, synchronized water spouts, dueling ships and a rain forest.

    Zone 3: This area more suited toward the older children with a double slide, fire engine with working hoses, and water cannons.

Safety first! The waterpark surface although smooth, was sandblasted for maximum wet foot traction. A special non slip brick placed around the outer edge and a short safety fence around that to help contain our very young explorers. A special type of pads have been placed at the landing zone of the two slides. Parental supervision is mandatory, backed up by 24 hour video surveillance. Direct supervision is not provided. 

Speaking as someone who's been there, the Ben Lee Park waterpark is fantastic! Our family certainly is enjoying it and if you've been there yourself you've no doubt had a great deal of fun too. What a fabulous way to spend a warm summers day and with the Okanagan's notoriety for its long hot summers this facility will get a great deal of use in the years to come. 

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Waterpark Hours

Weekends - May & June 10 am 4 pm
Weekdays - June Noon 4 pm
July & August - Everyday  to Labour Day 10 am 8 pm
Weekdays - September Noon 4 pm
Weekends - September 10 am 4pm


Lacrosse Box:

    The Lacrosse / Multipurpose box was one of the very first projects completed at Ben Lee Park. Constructed for high usage and durability this facility sees a great deal of action. A big hand to the volunteers that contributed their labour to this initial project.

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Skateboard Park:

    Said to be possibly the finest facility in western Canada, certainly central British Columbia, the Ben Lee Skate Park has probably seen the greatest level of attraction, support and publicity of all the park's features. Some fabulous skate demonstrations were held on Grand Opening day. Some great talent out there!

    Designed for all levels, from beginner to intermediate to expert. Designed and built by skate boarders this park truly caters to all. Boarders have been involved in all phases of this immense project. Boarders designed it, engineered it, constructed it, supervise it and use it. 

    This skatepark offers youth the opportunity to ride safely in a designated area away from traffic and business. There hasn't been a time yet that I've been to or by the skatepark where there hasn't been at least a dozen or so ranging to one hundred youth utilizing the facility. Along with the volunteer hours of our youth during construction they have also been fundamental in authoring their artwork. 

(As I understand, during/for the Grand Opening a Graffiti contest was held sponsored by some of our local board merchants. I've had several requests through the old web site to determine who sponsored this event and who won it. If anyone would care to submit this info, after verification it could be placed here for all to see. Thanks.)

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Open Activity Area

    With over 10 acres designated as open activity area there is plenty of space for plenty of people with plenty of ideas. The park currently hosts each Friday night "Parks Alive", a city of Kelowna program providing entertainment each and every Friday night throughout the summer.

    Other common activities include picnics, walks, family gatherings, kite flying and unorganized sports. A great place to take those special and team photographs with a variety of pleasing natural backgrounds available.

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Native Plant Demonstration Garden

The garden has been designed using plant species native to the Okanagan. Each type will be labeled for the public and for special educational purposes. 

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Washroom / Concession / Operations Building

    This multi-purpose facility houses washrooms, change rooms and concessions along with the operations center for the waterpark. Hours of operation for this building are consistent with the waterpark hours above.

    Located at the concession end of the building is the donor wall and amphitheatre/shade structure. While not in use for special events this area provides a comfortable seating area just outside the waterpark fence. If you have young children in the waterpark or close by, you can easily view them from here while you enjoy a cool drink or snack.

    Please feel free to peruse the donor wall while here. Information pertaining to the original land use, the story behind the park and other interesting facts are here too.

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Linear Walking / Jogging Trail (1st )

    Presently completed is an approximate 1 Km walking / jogging trail meandering around the park. Its gravel base is 3 meters wide providing a relatively smooth comfortable surface taking you around the park, allowing one to view the many features and comforts.

    Future expansion plan of Linear Trail.

Coming Attractions

Bricked Plaza

    A plaza entrance way made of brick is slated to be placed between the signed entrance way at the south east corner of the park and the waterpark.

Tennis / Multipurpose Courts

    Planned, but not yet built is a Tennis / Multipurpose court. Present plans include 2 tennis and 1 basketball court. Space is available for expansion and it has been proposed that a portion of the courts could be used as an outdoor community skating rink.

Linear Walking / Jogging Trail (2nd )

    As time and funding become available a second trail will be built along side the gravel trail. This pathway separated by grass will be paved providing a dual base trail allowing options for users. A a gravel base trail is more suited to walking or jogging, a paved trail is better suited to biking, roller blades, strollers and those with disabilities. Stay tuned for progress reports.

Sign outside multipurpose building.

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Located In The Heart of Rutland,  Kelowna, BC.

April 22, 2004
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