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The East Kootenays Region of Beautiful British Columbia - Revised Jan 30th 2013

Our BCHPA Regional Director for the and South East and Northern BC is
Dennie Shipley - denship99 at 1- 250-505-6302
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The East Kootenays Site Guide:
  1. Burnt Ridge - Elkford BC
  2. Elko - Elko BC
  3. Wasa (Estella Mine) - Wasa BC
  4. Fernie Microwave Tower - Fernie BC
  5. Canal Flats - Canal Flats
  6. Mount 7 - Golden BC
  7. Panorama Mt. - Invermere
  8. Swansea - Invermere
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Annual Events:
  1. The Willi Muller Cross-Country Challenge

  2.  The Invermere Lakeside Event

  3.  Wasa Fly-In June 15 - 16th 2013

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HPAC Insured Pilots in the region.

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2013 Kootenay Events:
  1. Wasa Fly-In  -  June 15 - 16th 2013

  2. Willi Muller Cross-Country Challenge

  3. Lakeside Event (Invermere.)
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  1. Environment Canada
  2. Cranbrook Weather
  3. Creston Weather
  4. Nelson Weather
  5. NAV Canada Forecasts and Observations / Upper Wind Text (FDs)
  6. Atmospheric Soundings (Winds Aloft)

The  East Kootenays is an area of mountain ranges and lakes running north to south down the valley.
(Kinbasket, Windermere, Columbia and Lake Koocanusa being the largest) that offers many and varied flying sites.

90% of the flying is thermal with cloudbase usually in the 10 - 12,000' range.
A high percentage of soarable days, good altitude gains and scenery combine to make for some nice flying in this area.
Camping, hiking, fishing and canoeing etc is world class for those days when you want to give your wing a rest (if there are such days.)

The Columbia Valley Region / Rocky Mountain Trench has a long straight valley, with one highway running north and south almost to the US Border.

The population is sparse in most areas, largely with cleared farm land. Therefore the XC potential is good, the total distance on the great circle is terrific.
Out and returns or triangular flights are common. The many different sites and spectacular scenery make for the most pleasant flying imaginable.